We hope you enjoy reading about things that suburban people like to do. There will be many more entries coming so keep checking back. Remember that there is more than just the first page, so either click “more entries” at the bottom or go to the “Full List” on either the menu bar or side bar to view certain posts. Thanks for coming by and feel free to send us an email at StuffSuburbanPeopleLike@gmail.com for any questions or if you have posts you would like to add.


One Response to Welcome!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think this would make more sense if it was more relate-able. Compare it to something. The suburban person as viewed by…city slickers? rural folk? foreigners? Maybe make it a more “vs.” mentality. Otherwise it’s just “Yeah, this is how things are…thanks for pointing out the obvious”. Contrast is humorous.

    – Suburbanite

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