The Token Black Guy

Most suburban areas have at least one token black guy. Some are lucky enough to have a few more, but this is very rare. Everybody wants to be this guy’s friend because he is a great athlete and can get with any white girl he wants. He usually just chills and doesn’t say much, but his presence makes the crew that he’s rolling with seem a lot more cool. Suburban kids will invite the token black guy over to dinner at their house because they want to introduce their parents to a person of a different race that they are friends with.


One Response to The Token Black Guy

  1. BigBlackDude says:

    This is a very interesting and funny article. The article is reality for those shallow individuals who view you as an oddity and subscribe to this view of black people who reside in the suburbs. In the end as a black dude in the suburbs I say “it is what is” and I move on.

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