Commuting to work

Suburban people love to commute to work. Each night, about an hour of time is dedicated to the commute for the next morning. Whether it’s getting their music ready or preparing some snacks, the suburban person makes sure he/she is prepared. Most will drive, but some will be lucky and live close to a subway/train. Taking the bus or doing any form of physical exercise to get you there, like biking, is unheard of


2 Responses to Commuting to work

  1. Rob 3 says:

    Well I only live 12 minutes from the place where I work…but bad drivers are everywhere. I even got stuck behind a student driver before!

  2. Zack says:

    haha…i assume that picture is taken in China? if not, it looks like China. or NYC
    I found your blog via fastest growing wordpress blogs on my dashboard and i like the theme of your blog …its pretty darn epic. : )

    ~ Zack

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