Acting different around black people

Since there are typically very few real black people in the suburbs, most suburban kids don’t know how to act around them. There are a few different things that will typically happen upon a suburban kid being in the presence of black people. The first one is complete avoidance: There is no need to go anywhere even remotely close to them due to the fear of being shot or robbed. The second one is trying to act black: changing your walking pattern to add a little more “rhythm”, giving them the little head nod, slapping them up, and saying “what up dogg” are classic moves. The third one is asking them if they want to freestyle: This is more common of the very drunk suburban kid, and they will usually embarrass themselves with very mediocre rhyming skills and will get clowned on. The fourth one is being polite and then bragging later to your boys about how you were chilling with black people: Something is usually said that expresses how you thought they would be so ghetto but they were actually mad cool dudes.


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